Learn About The Exposure As a Makeup Artist.

makeup class

One of the most important skills for a makeup artist is network and exposure. Doesn’t matter how good or bad you are, having the right exposure and network will propel your career growth.

When you are starting out and learn from makeup class especially in Malaysia, a good one will organize and collaborate with local events which will give the student some chance to experience actual makeup event and also to grow your network as a makeup artist.

Once graduated and start your career as a makeup artist, it is very important to start doing networking and build a meaningful relationship with every vendor that you came across.

A good makeup class will set the right foundation for makeup artist, but it is important that you take the knowledge and information on how to grow your network and start practicing yourself and build the right network.

From meeting event organizer to the photographer, all these vendors will play an important role in helping you to grow your career as a makeup artist.

During the early days of FannyBeautyMakeup, we get lots of referral from photographer vendor that participate in wedding events. It was a good start since referral are free and it will help you to build your career.

Most makeup class in Malaysia do host local events and collaboration, take this chance to build your network and better if you could find a mentor that will teach you the ins and out of the business.

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