Must-Attend Fashion and Makeup Shows in Asia

Must-Attend Fashion and Makeup Shows in Asia

Must-Attend Fashion and Makeup Shows in Asia


If you are a young fashion enthusiast and a newbie in the fashion world, it is always best for you to surround yourself with other fashion enthusiasts. That is because most of them will also try to surround themselves with fashion enthusiasts, especially the more experienced ones.


Fashion enthusiasts typically attend fashion events where they can get inspirations for their upcoming creations and meet like-minded people whom they could work with in the future.


Fashion enthusiasts are usually aware of the latest fashion trends and events. They also have connections with fashion models, designers and makeup pengantin.


You can find them from blogs, YouTube, Instagram or fashion events. In this article, we have compiled some of the must-attend fashion and makeup shows in Asia. Read on and mark your calendar!


International Exhibition for Cosmetics and Beauty Products Cosmoprof Asia


Get ready for the 23rd edition of Cosmoprof Asia that will take place from the 14th to 16th November, 2018. Due to its ‘1 fair 2 venues’ success, this year’s event will continue to be held across two venues. This year’s highlight is the cosmetics supply chain with the rebranding of the event at AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) as “Cosmopack Asia”.


Cosmopack Asia will host companies that will be representing the entire cosmetics supply chain, from raw materials and ingredients to packaging.


From the 14th to 16th November, 2018,you can expect to see exhibitors of finished products, such as cosmetics and toiletries, natural and organic, beauty salon, hair salon, as well as nail and accessories, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).


Please note that this fair is for trade only. Anyone under 18 years of age will not be allowed to join.


Date and venue: 13 – 15 November, 2018 (Tue – Thur) at AWE

                           14 – 15 November, 2018 (Wed – Fri) at  HKCEC


Asia’s Premier Fashion Event — CENTRESTAGE


This year’s event was held in the month of September in Hong Kong. The event featured some of the region’s best talents and fashion brands. It is a great place for worldwide markets to get in touch with Asia’s fashion brands and design labels.


The 3rd edition of the event is certainly a wonderful place for networking, where fashion enthusiasts and businesses can meet and develop new relationships. One of the event’s highlights was the finale of Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2018 (YDC). YDC has been supporting local designer talents for the past 40 years.


If you missed this year’s CENTRE STAGE, there will be more in the following years. Expect captivating runway shows, trend forecasting talks and more!


The Largest Trade Fair for Beauty and Spa Industries in Japan Beautyworld Japan


If you love beauty and bath products, then you are going to like Beautyworld Japan, an event that will be featuring 800 brands, entertaining live performances, interesting conferences and seminars, as well as makeup and nail championships. 33,000 people from all around the globe are expected to be there.


At the event, top professionals from the cosmetics and spa industries will be demonstrating their latest cosmetics inventions and findings.


It is a great opportunity for people (from fashion and beauty industry) to expand their businesses worldwide and grow their network. This event is highly recommended for fashion bloggers stylists, makeup artists and fashion clothing business owners.


Date: 13 – 15 May, 2019


Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Koto, Japan


Malaysian International Exhibition and Conference on Cosmetics, Beauty and Spa — Cosmobeauté Asia


In the beauty world, fashion and makeup are not the only thing that matter; skin beauty matters, too.


Happening in July 2019, Cosmobeauté Asia is an event that attracts skincare experts and enthusiasts to work together in growing the beauty and cosmetic industry, and it aims to reach out to trade buyers from the region’s beauty and health, and fitness sectors, as well as top-end consumers.


Why you should attend this event:


  • Cosmobeauté is a reliable platform for providing business opportunities in the Aesthetic beauty, cosmetic, hair, nail and spa industry.
  • This is where exhibitors, importer, suppliers and consumers meet.


Date: 15 – 18 July, 2019


Venue: Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The First Edition — MakeUp In Shanghai


The first edition of MakeUp in Shanghai will be held in April 2019 alongside Luxe Pack Shanghai. No, they are not going to compete with one another; instead, they are going to complement one another.


How? The MakeUp In team will showcase the historical success of Luxe Pack Shanghai. Both events are special in their own ways and have different entrances and show sceneries.


So if you have any plans to travel to China, why not take a trip to the event? It is highly recommended to fashion and makeup enthusiasts. There is going to be a lot to see, anyway. China is a huge market!


Date: 10 – 11 April, 2019


Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, China


The Leading Event in Asia Pacific for Personal Care Ingredients — in-Cosmetics Asia 2018


Happening this coming October, in-Cosmetics 2018 will be bringing over 450 international exhibitors of ingredients, fragrances, lap tools, testing and regulatory solutions with more than 10,300 Asia Pacific personal care makers.

What makes the event special is that it is launch place for the innovations in ingredients and technologies in Asia Pacific, where visitors will get free education and consumer insights.


in-Cosmetics Asia also offers networking and business opportunities to personal ingredients community in the region.


Registration is now open. Register before the 28th of October doe free entry. You will save THB 300!


The event is highly recommended to makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts.


Date: 30 October – 1 November, 2018


Venue: BITEC Bangkok, Thailand


Japan’s Largest Show for Cosmetics — Cosme Tokyo


Happening several months from now, Cosme Tokyo, which is Japan’s largest trade fair specialising in cosmetics, will open its doors to 780 exhibitors from 25 countries. It is going to be the biggest in the show’s history!


Its exhibitors will be amongst manufacturers or trading companies dealing in:


  • Skincare
  • Organic/natural cosmetics
  • Colour cosmetics
  • Spa beauty
  • Body and hair care
  • Fragrance
  • Men’s care


Its visitors, on the other hand, will be amongst:


  • Distributors
  • Importers/wholesalers
  • Retailers (cosmetic, lifestyle and online shops, and departments stores)
  • Salons, spas and hotels


And fashion and beauty enthusiasts like fashion bloggers, makeup artists, models, fashion writers, etc.


This event is absolutely awesome, especially for makeup artists, as it will be featuring all kinds of cosmetic exhibits from around the world. Indeed, Cosme Tokyo is the best place to be if you want to expand your cosmetic business in Japan or all around Asia!


Free admission if you have the exhibition ticket. You can find the free ticket here. Without a ticket, you will be required to pay JPY 5,000 per person. Please note that the exhibition is open to trade and those under 18 years of age are not allowed to enter.


Date: 30 January – 1 February, 2019


Venue: Makuhari Messe, Japan


The Nation’s Largest Lifestyle and Fashion Trade Platform — Malaysia Fashion Week 2018


The Malaysia Fashion (MFW) is happening soon, so if you are a fashionista looking for inspirations for your upcoming creations, this is the place to be in November! The event will be featuring talented designers from 15 countries, a stylish gala event and a trade exhibition.


For the Spring/Summer 2018 ‘Fashion to Art’, visitors can expect to see Malaysian designers under the Malaysia Fashion Showcase (MFS) banner and other Asian designers under the Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week (MBSAFW) banner.


What MFS will be unveiling is Malaysia’s best of the best collections – a great celebration of Malaysia’s fashion for the world. As for MBSAFW, visitors can expect to see over 100 designers from more than 16 Asian countries showcasing their collections using MFW as a platform.


Date: 18 – 22 October, 2018


Venue: MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Asia Leading Fashion Accessories Trade Show for Mid-high End Fashion Products — Fashion Access


The leading fashion accessory trade show, Fashion Access, is happening in March 2019, where top quality Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) suppliers and independent brands of leather goods, fashion accessories, footwear and more. They are all for Spring/Summer collections.


Fashion Access is an excellent event for fashion enthusiasts because it is:


  • The best place for sourcing bags, leather goods, footwear, fashion accessories and more.
  • Perfect for OEM to produce designs.
  • Features cool fashion brands with interesting, new collections.


Date: 13 – 15 March, 2019


Venue:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong.


Are you coming to any of these events? If you are, for what reasons? We would love to hear from you!






Choosing the right gym apparel

How to Choose the Right Heavy Lifting Gym Apparel



Okay, so you’re at the gym working out. The dude next to you is sweating so much that you can’t help but watch his sweats dripping all over the place.


And in your mind, you’re hoping that he’s not going to sit on your favorite exercise bike. But he did.


You wait patiently for him to finish his cycling session. After 15 minutes of putting an eagle eye on him, you realize that he’s finally done.


You quickly grab your hand towel and walk as quickly as you can to get to the exercise bike, only to see drops of sweat all over the place and sweat stain on the seat. Now, that’s just nasty.


Seriously, this happens a lot at the gym. You will find men and women who sweat heavily. Of course, they are at the gym burning calories after all!


But there is a big reason why better gym clothes are designed. Apart from practicality, comfort is another major reason to why gym clothes are revolutionized into what they are today.


Gyms are social hubs for all kinds of people: sexy ladies, hot guys, business professionals and many more. The power of first impression is important at the gym, too.


Whether you like it or not, you need to invest in good, sturdy gym clothing. If you often go to the gym for heavy lifting, then you need to take this post seriously.


It’s acceptable to wear boring-looking gym outfits. But it’s a big no-no to look like a sweating pig and leaving marks all around the place.


Wearing the right gym clothing, practising good hygiene, and using the right workout gear can make a huge difference between a happy workout and an hour of misery. You don’t want to be using the bench press while wearing the wrong activewear and scare everyone away with your pile of sweat.


So now, let’s go through some of these tips on how to choose the right heavy lifting gym clothing.


Tip #1: Only Buy Moisture-Wicking Gym Clothes


That’s right. Just moisture-wicking gym clothes are allowed. No cotton, please. Cotton gym clothes will only collect your sweat and make you look and feel sweaty. You won’t feel comfortable. Your clothes will also feel heavy on the body.


Your goal is to stay as dry as possible. Most workout clothes today are designed to keep moisture away from the body. So always wear a performance outfit that will do this.


What you should wear:


  • Polyester

  • Lycra blends


These two fabrics are excellent at wicking perspiration. Although they are pricier than regular cotton t-shirts, you can rest assured that they will last longer in your closet. And they will keep you dry and comfortable even during the most intensive sessions at the gym.


Again, avoid cotton. Because cotton can get really nasty when you sweat for long hours. When you sweat, all that sweat will collect bacteria — and they grow really fast. If you have any open area that is exposed to bacteria (thanks to your sweaty shirt), it could get a fungal infection. Yikes!


So, avoid cotton at all cost. But if you cannot seem to do that, then at least try to pick something with the least amount of cotton in it. The only cotton item that will be very useful to you at the gym is a small towel.

Tip #2: Find the Right Fit


You can wear loose clothes as long as they’re not too loose. Avoid oversized clothes, too. Wearing clothes that are too loose will only constrict your movement and make you look smaller than you really are. So, put on clothes that fit you right.


Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, too. Go for anything stretchy — something with nylon in it. But make sure the amount of it is low so you will have more freedom to move your legs as high as you want, or squat as low as you like.


Tip #3: Choose Fabrics That Don’t Smell


If you’re spraying lots and lots of cologne on your body before heading out to the gym, you better stop right there. Do you really have to do that?


You’re going to the gym, bro. Toss your cologne away for a while. Just go to the gym and do your thing. Ladies, no perfume for you, too.


The reason why I don’t recommend wearing cologne at the gym is because you’re going to be exercising with a lot of people and not all of them are going to be comfortable with your fragrant.


Imagine if everyone at the gym puts on their own favorite cologne and they all have very different smells. I’m pretty sure that someone’s going to exit from the gym with a red, runny nose. If you ask me, I am quite sensitive to floral and fruity scents. They tend to make me sneeze.


Why would you need to spray cologne anyway? You’re going to stink sooner or later at the gym! But if you think that spraying cologne is going to make you less stinky, then you should totally do something about your choice of gym wear.


If you put on moisture-wicking gym clothes, you won’t stink so much. But not all types of moisture-wicking fabrics will do the trick. In this case, you need clothes that are made of wool, merino wool or Tencel fabrics.


Tip #4: Pick Something That Motivates You


There is something special about the relationship we have with our clothes. One of the reasons why people like shopping for new clothes and updating the way they look is because clothes somehow give them a sense of happiness, whether it is permanent or temporary.


I remember the first time I bought myself a pair of sports bra. How it looks mattered so much to me because I did not want to spend money on something that does not motivate me. I still want to look good even in my workout clothes — not particularly for others, but for myself.


Tip #5: Don’t Compromise on Quality


It doesn’t matter if you buy name brands or something that you pick from an online store in China as long as what you’re buying is good-quality. I don’t usually go for expensive and branded gym apparel because I’m a frugal person, and I know that I could find some very good ones around without going over-budget.


But to find good, affordable and quality gym apparel isn’t as easy as it seems. You might end up paying too much for something that doesn’t last or perform. To avoid this, it’s  always best to get your gym apparel from reputable retailers only. Don’t get ripped off.


I hope you find these tips helpful. Good luck with your search!